You may know me as Mylia Noir or Olimpia from Type•volution.

Welcome! 🙂

I have been studying Jungian Typology and Enneagram extensively since 2013, leading to me typing and coaching my clients since 2019.

I’ve talked with people and types from all over the world through Google+ Hangout, including Tom Condon and Katherine Fauvre.

This blog features my typings of several (semi-)celebrities, as well as fictional characters.

My typing process usually involves watching or reading several interviews of the person, reading up on their quotes and biography, and so forth.

Also, while I try to only post typings that are definite or “final”, I tend to change certain typings over the course of some time, when I have gathered more info on the person or have simply gained an improved perspective on Typology.

Note: Fictional characters can have type combinations that do not exist the same way in real life individuals. Be aware of that when trying to type yourselves and others. For that, it’s better to refer to typings of celebrities on this site.

Here you can get typed by me.

Here you help me out via donation, thank you!

Here you can find my descriptions of Jungian personality types (work in progress).

None of the images featured on this site were created by me. They belong to their rightful owners. Their use falls under FAIR USE, for the sake of personality theory.

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