I have been studying Jungian Typology and Enneagram for several years now.

This blog features my typings of several (semi-)celebrities, as well as fictional characters. I do analyze celebrities more to the core than other people, who often only scratch at the surface and type the persona over the “real” personality.

My typing process usually involves watching (sometimes also reading) several interviews of the person, reading up on their quotes and biography, and so forth.

Also, while I try to only post typings that are definite or “final”, I tend to change certain typings over the course of some time, when I have gathered more info on the person or have simply gained an improved perspective on Typology.

If you want to know more about the theoretical background of how I arrive at my typings and more, go here.

If you want to be typed by me, write me an email to mylianoir@gmail.com

Also, I’d appreciate it if you donated me money through Paypal at the same address above, so I can keep up with creating this content for you.

Note: None of the images featured on this site were created by me. They belong to their rightful owners.


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