2 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly

  1. It’s hard to get the right perspective. Because the American POV is ESTJs are the least liked type. And then if you pour over your grade school/high school class, as word picture, picture an ESTJ girl with her best friend an INFP girl sitting in the wood bleachers on the side of the basketball court. And that’s it. Other girls won’t even talk to them. And then I see Australian Bigbrother the ESTJs are better socialized and act more normally. And..I have relatives (in Europe) and they are fine, they act normally. So, America is bad for ESTJ.


  2. Now I am contemplating his Enneagram type, or maybe I don’t have enough exposure but he doesn’t seem so 8 ish to me.
    Gives me something to ponder


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