4 thoughts on “Colin Firth

  1. some of them are hilarious because their Ni (8th slot) can grab ahold of them for only seconds and ask their Ti (6th slot) to say something. So they will say ‘Hi’ and their conscious mind is not aware, they will if they are walking keep walking. Its so weird. And we can’t even talk to them plural (ISTJs) about it because there conscious mind doesn’t know. When you realize that their Ni setup is in the same slot as ISFJ, and we have a lot of pull with ISFJ, we actually have a lot of pull with ISTJ as well, but its much more hidden. (and our conscious functions conflict 😦 . i figured out that the exhausting socionomics relation is most compatible for opposite quadra’s, so… the ESTPs can deal with them best from the Beta quadra.)


  2. there is Big Brother Canada on now, on youtube where it’s all Delta quadra, and the nice ones are the ISTJs. There is Olivia who is ISTJ; her ESTJ and INFP allies are trying to get her to betray here ENFP best friend and she has to say “yes”, but… she won’t cuz she really likes her friend. It’s hard to watch because they act so nasty. I think the worst critics of the Delta quadra, are themselves, because they know their own nature. It’s like the psychology of the Joker’s thugs in the Batman Universe, …they know the other thugs are seriously nasty. (it’s hilarious because their dreams are the Ni and it warns them continuously about the other Delta quadra)


  3. if you picture an an American ISTJ out of central casting, they are not media people, they are shop owners. Picture a wood working shop almost out of hardware commercial with the pegboard walls and tools hung in an exacting perfectly ordered manner. And then the side commentary from the Delta quadra is ‘this is good!’ , kind of this is how things should be! But the reality is very otherwise. The ISTJs have the Si photographic memories. So it’s like their memory is a transparent overlay on their vision. And then conceptually move, say a pliers on the bench 1.5 inches to the left…and they get incredibly agitated because they match the visual field to their memory. OCD = *STJ

    When they are out of their element in an emotion environment, their behavior is strictly scripted. They are copying acceptable behavior. Think like Anderson Cooper, kind of robotic. And not self aware about… not being …self aware.

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  4. I saw free film noir from the 40s on-line. And it’s disturbing. It’s all Delta quadra. And you catch on this what they want. Scripted behavior for them … to copy. The angle of the hats, the cigarettes, all of it.

    Also it’s disturbing to realize that here, i was all obsessed with Big Brother TV show, and it’s all Delta quadra. All the commentators online are Delta quadra. And …its the same thing as the film noir. They are obsessed with the show, because its social behavior in a form , …they can copy.


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