9 thoughts on “Barack Obama

  1. Is 6w7 Enneagram the most common? I notice it seems to be common among famous people.

    The other question I have is I haven’t seen this particular typing for Barack Obama . The main type or the tritype.I usually see him typed as a three or nine. I am just curious this tritype for him. I like it!

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    1. 6w7 is probably one of the most common types in general, not just amongst celebrities.

      For ENFJs, that enneagram type is actually rather rare. Most ENFJs are 2s.

      I was reading quotes from his books, and he focused a lot on fears, solidarity, loyalty, and so forth, in a way that was rather 6. Also, I connected the dots – he is usually being typed as ENTP by others. ENTPs are typically 7w6, which is quite similar to 6w7. Obama is not exactly like a 2 – that would be Oprah. He has a more “cerebral” focus… which fits the Head type format better.

      I don’t really see 3 for Obama; he is not overly concerned with status and social approval like 3s are. He does have a strong 9 streak; which can be explained by his tritype.

      Glad you like it. 🙂


      1. Yes I thought maybe 6w7 is common among the general public.
        I couldn’t see the 3 for him either. That has always puzzled me.
        Thank you for your response. I enjoy your blog so much!

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  2. the subtype of us that acts like the ESFJ, we should think about them, because they’ve got interaction and energy which could help us, (i think Anne Dresden on youtube is that subtype)


  3. if Michelle is ESTJ, i get nervous with ENFJ, cuz they don’t get along (it seems the type that gets along with ESTJ is ESFJ)


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