4 thoughts on “Amy Lee

  1. i was a guest of my friend at a law firm retreat (my friend she is maybe I*TJ) and shock lawyers are ESTJ/ISTJ (it makes sense because law is Te) . We were in an elevator with a super graceful ISFP wife of one my friends bosses, i did the thing where i waved with my friends hand (standing behind her) at the ISFP, kind just to say hi. And massive fight afterwards, my friend said i did something inappropriate ha.
    …the idea that the ISFPs are attracted to STJs… and their children are us, its like our creation myth is really exotic


  2. i couldn’t figure out my enneagram and then the joke that if you can’t figure it out you are a 9?. Someday I’ll figure it out. I think if you are around the opposite quadra it distorts things badly , so you act more withdrawn, more 9, more sp, etc . and it may all not be your real characteristics at all


  3. they act like INFJs at night

    putting on our theory hat…what is the structure of this chameleon effect? I think there is the benefactor-beneficiary axis. We can act like either, and it is connected to a day/night For ISFP, during the day they act like their benefactor ISTJ and at night they act like their beneficiary INFJ. I think this generalizes to all types. You act at night like the more Ni of your benefactor-beneficiary. Also, you can act like your mirror for a short time. And you look like your ‘lookalike’ but people see us as much more willful than ISFJs so they assign us the ESFJ (lookalikes mirror) supervisee role. Generalizing, I think all types can act like their supervisee if called for.


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