Looney Deliria

Socionics: IEE-Fi
Enneagram: 4w5
Instinctual Stacking: Sx/So


• The fact she is Type 4 and Sx/So makes her feel like she is INFJ (IEI). A lot of IEI descriptions are very “Type 4 heavy”, and the Beta Quadra descriptions can be very “Sx/So heavy”. It is true that 4s can be IEI, and that the most famous and influential Betas have been Sx/So (namely Hitler), but that doesn’t mean that the reverse is true; that IEI is 4 at their core, or that Beta is Sx/So at their core. Those are misunderstandings.

• Her Fe is way too strong to be an IEI; it is quite obviously 4D. She also fits the stereotypes of the “Passionate Communication Style”. But the Fe is unvalued. EP temperament, dynamic, flexible, unstructured. Technically, the strongest IE of an IEE-Fi is Fe, and this is quite apparent in her videos. Intuition is apparent as well. Has an “ambiverted quality”, which is typical for extroverts with an introverted subtype.


6 thoughts on “Looney Deliria

  1. I told Loony Deliria (on her youtube channel) I asked you about her and you typed her. I imagine she will take a week (weeks?) to process things and reinterpret things, if it rings with her.


  2. ummm, i’m supposed to ask you to flash type ($10) me, and then you’ll say I’m INFP. That would be hilarious. and I …probably deserve it.


  3. just to complete things, i got a flash she is ISTP. Big Fe is the Fe powered up by Se.
    (i guess this experience shows people don’t like their type questioned, i won’t do it again)


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