Looney Deliria

Socionics: IEE-Fi
Enneagram: 4w5
Instinctual Stacking: Sx/So


• The fact she is Type 4 and Sx/So makes her feel like she is INFJ (IEI). A lot of IEI descriptions are very “Type 4 heavy”, and the Beta Quadra descriptions can be very “Sx/So heavy”. It is true that 4s can be IEI, and that the most famous and influential Betas have been Sx/So (namely Hitler), but that doesn’t mean that the reverse is true; that IEI is 4 at their core, or that Beta is Sx/So at their core. Those are misunderstandings.

• Her Fe is way too strong to be an IEI; it is quite obviously 4D. She also fits the stereotypes of the “Passionate Communication Style”. But the Fe is unvalued. EP temperament, dynamic, flexible, unstructured. Technically, the strongest IE of an IEE-Fi is Fe, and this is quite apparent in her videos. Intuition is apparent as well. Has an “ambiverted quality”, which is typical for extroverts with an introverted subtype.


One thought on “Looney Deliria

  1. I told Loony Deliria (on her youtube channel) I asked you about her and you typed her. I imagine she will take a week (weeks?) to process things and reinterpret things, if it rings with her.


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