Jordan Peterson

TVT: Strategist

Socionics: ILI-Te
Enneagram: 1w2
Instinctual Stacking: Sx/So
Tritype: 164The Philosopher

One thought on “Jordan Peterson

  1. (flippantly, i don’t really know) i thought he was an ENTP, he’s like that DaveSuperPowers youtuber who I think is ENTP too. They’re really fast on their feet, and can debate on the fly.

    I like ENTPs enormous, and…they annoy me when they are talking about Te stuff, power, alpha,
    If you see Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumkins he’s ENTP and he acts so badly around his own band, I think the bass player (Darcy) and other guitarist (James) are INFPs and he annoys them continuously.

    I think when we do creative stuff, we act like the ENTPs. Kind of Ne explosion, and then filtered through what’s best (i guess Ti/Fi) and then repeat. A collage of images that you arrange into the right order. We’ve got trouble because teachers aren’t us and they tell us we are supposed to act like they do (Si/Te).


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