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  1. Eh…No, Hitler is definitely 8-fix, and probably 4-fix too.

    His worldview , espoused in Mein Kampf and private conversations, was entirely about struggle, competition, violence, “survival of the fittest”, pitting subordinates against one another because he thought it produced better results (and incidentally kept them from plotting against him) which resulted in gross inefficiency throughout the Reich…Most historians I’ve read stress how the Third Reich represented a breakdown in the normal rules of law and ethics and that Hitler was not only responsible but actually pushing for this in many cases, and his language, and body language in speeches contains a lot of 8-ish characteristics (such as the clenched fist, comparisons to the law of the jungle etc.)

    And 4-fix is in both his artistic skills but also in the fact that he self-identified as an artist and even sometimes that he was more of an artist than a politician, as well as showing the low side of 4 in his moodiness, depression, artistic elitism (in Vienna he lived in a mens hostel and he would often come back from the Opera and give everyone a lecture about how great or awful the opera he just saw was and throughout his life he complained about what he saw as the decaying state of art in the world – there were even reports of him viciously kicking in art he particularly didn’t like in fits of anger while in power).

    So…yeah, I take this one a bit personally <_<


    1. What you pick up on as Type 8 energy could just be his Counterphobic attitude. That’s why some people type him as 8 core. I did consider an 8 fix for him, but this struck me rather as a 1 fix, and when you think of his crusade on Jews, it’s rather unhealthy Type 1 as well. (Jews being “impure” and like insects or vermin etc., very value-ridden denunciations.)

      Figuring out his Heart fix is not as easy. Just because you like art or are an art critic or depressed, doesn’t mean you are a 4 fix. SX 6s can have similar traits to 4s. And he was also an xNFJ, so… But I’ll think more about his Heart fix.

      His visions of and desire for Grandeur and “being at the top” and basically the king of the world and so forth rather seem to be 3 fix (+ SO instinct) to me.


      1. I type him as 8-fix because, having read several of his biographies and social histories on Nazi Germany, the core beliefs of 8 fit him much, much better than those of 1, in fact when I first read the description of an 8 I thought “yeah, that’s Hitler”. His philosophy and worldview sound very much like an unhealthy 8 who sees a world of perpetual conflict and strife as a good and natural thing, and in fact one of his main beefs against the Jews was that he thought moral and ethical ideas that he didn’t like (such as equality or pacifism) could ultimately be traced back to their cultural influence (via the influence of Christianity- a Jewish sect-; Communism – Marx being Jewish, etc.).

        I think what you attribute to 3 with the Grandeur and drive to be on top is 8-fix as well rather than 3-fix. Riso and Hudson talk about the 8s “Edifice Complex”- the drive of many 8s to build something grand and spectacular-, and that is right in line with Hitler’s grand architectural projects, his dreams of grand hall and domes that were supposed to show off the size and power of the German nation (he even spoke specifically of how he wanted visiting foreign diplomats to be intimidated by his halls), and in fact his buildings (which he obsessed over and were a major part of his motivation) were SO big that postwar architects thought they were TOO big and could not have been built, at least not on the site h had chosen for them, since they would have weighed so much they would have sunk. The “big lies” of the 8 Riso and Hudson talk about are also in line with Hitlers general behaviour and they way he operated politically too.

        Peterson in that video you linked is really just giving a pretty brief and general description of the (apparent) character of Nazism and Hitler; he isn’t a historian, after all, and I think a few historians would disagree with some of the stuff he is saying- some of the stuff he’s attributing to Hitler really should be credited to others- people like Speer or Leni Riefenstahl, for example, are the ones who designed these spectacles. Most of the “disease metaphors” that Peterson makes a big deal about weren’t unique to Hitler or even the Nazi’s – you can find much the same language in Bolshevik Russia, Fascist Spain and other places at the time. You also need to keep in mind that Hitler in particular (even moreso than most politicians) was a pathological liar and the differences between his public declarations and what he was like in private are pretty striking.

        (I see that in another video Peterson says that he’s worked a lot with high-powered successful business types and they also score high in conscientiousness- most of those guys will, of course, be 8s; the Factor Five Conscientiousness that he’s talking about doesn’t as neatly equate to Enneagram 1 mainly as one might think- it’s more about behaviour)

        The 4-fix is because Naranjo originally typed him as Sx 6 but changed it to Sx 4 after he read some stuff of his earlier and private life (Naranjo even said he couldn’t believe he’d ever typed him as a 6, but that’s another matter). I don’t think Hitler was “out-of-touch” with his feelings the way a 3 or 3-fixer was, nor do I think he was adaptable or “smooth” enough to be that- he LOVED inflaming peoples’ passions and emotions, generally pushed for the most radical actions except when it was tactically better to wait, and usually did so regardless of how incompetent or extreme this made him look to others. Unhealthy 4 fits his moodiness, his fantasy, his dark and suicidal thoughts (yes, 6 explains this as well, but 4 and 6 together can amplify this), and his strong identification as an artist (his entourage even complained that he often spent time hanging out with artists and writers when he was supposed to be out on the campaign trail and they had to go find him).

        613 is one of the most conformist tritypes, being double Compliant and double Adaptive, and Hitler was anything but conformist even if he expected others to conform to him; when he wasn’t getting his way, he sulked, threw temper tantrums, threatened to quit and did whatever else it took to get people to give in to his unreasonable demands; he openly defied the government except when it was convenient to play along, stirred up violence and street fights, and thought and preached that if the government could not stop them then it’s weakness showed it was not worthy of respect. 1 is “over-social” and prefers to work with the system if it can; 8 is “under-social” and is more prepared to openly defy it, which Hitler did repeatedly until he got his way; even in power, he complained whenever he found out that some laws still applied to him and had them repealed whenever that happened. 613 is also double Competent, and that isn’t really a word that applies to Hitler’s Germany- it was orderly on the outside, when it came to marches and drills and so on, but inside it was a bureaucratic vipers nest of rivalries and cliques and corruption with Hitler at the centre of it, a gangster state even and a cult centred around himself.

        684/ 648 just makes more sense to me; the original title for his book “Mein Kampf” (which itself is filled with lies, exaggerations and half-truths) was even going to be “Four and a Half Years (of Struggle) Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice.”, which is as “Truth Teller” as you can get (ironic though it is that he was such a big liar, but he thought he was serving a “Higher Truth” of sorts and was more concerned with what he saw as OTHER PEOPLES lies). He was definitely a very, VERY Reactive person, with his infamous angry outbursts (some staged for effect, some very sudden and real) and prone to using a LOT of exaggeration and hyperbole, and I think that any 1 or 3 themes you find are just as well explained by the 4, 6 and 8, along with simply the culture of Germany at the time and some of his followers like Goebbels possibly having a 1-fix.


      2. I ended up seeing also rather an 8 fix. However, I find the 2 fix fits better. He had a grandiose savior complex. The tritype 682, The Rescuer, is quite rare/unique and fits him very well, imo. His “moodiness” can be attributed to two reactive types in his tritype, him being an ExFx type… 2 also has a connection to 4, so it is not entirely removed, but the 2ness seems dominant. The way he took on the German population and society and mission is more typical of 2 than 4, and also more typical of the Rescuer than the Truth Teller. But of course both will have similarities.


  2. Hitler is clearly an enneatype 1 SX/SO just read “Mein Kampf” It’s about his fight against corruption and to perfect an dysfunctional state.
    He was an IEI , with very strong Ti, would have guessed between ILI and IEI but his eternal struggle philosophy is quintessentially the second quadra.


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