Blanche DuBois

Socionics: EIE-Fe
Enneagram: 2w3
Instinctual Stacking: Sx/So


• Overly concerned with appearing sexually attractive and beautiful, very concerned with her image. Yearning for love in an SX instinct sense – all her self-worth depends on how desirable she is being seen as.

• Fe first function: Strong emotional influencer, finds it easy to entice people through her emotional acting and making them feel sympathy for her. Very aware of emotional atmospheres, and when her sister seems emotionally distressed: “What’s wrong?” Likes to “play out” scenarios like an actor.

• Ni second function: Has a complex imaginative view on matters, describes them in abstract metaphors.

Unhealthy Type 2 (worst levels): “[N]eurotic Twos want to be loved so much that they may attempt to coerce others to love them in the most damaging ways. It is possible that some forms of pedophilia and child molestation have their roots here, and that Twos, as a group, figure disproportional in this kind of destructive behaviour. […] Neurotic Twos try to obtain the love of others, which has always been their fundamental desire, by unconsciously desiring to go to pieces. They fear being held responsible for their words and deeds. They also fear that their aggressions have revealed some hypocrisy about themselves which would make them unloveable, their greatest fear.


2 thoughts on “Blanche DuBois

  1. America is all distorted and contradictory. On the East coast everything is forbidden which makes people crazy and on the west coast in Los Angeles casual conversation is who has the prettiest breasts.

    ENFP/ENTP girls bend the rules and lie to hide it.
    ENFJ/INFJ bend the rules openly and get away by charm. I know its forward to say, but ENFJ INFJ have definitional power if they do something in the Beta quadra, it’s …considered right. (maybe not in the other quadras, but we don’t care about them…hehe)


  2. by randomness i walked past the section in the public library of biographies of writers and saw Tennessee Williams biography , and rifled though it. You catch on how he wrote his plays , he …just gender switched gay males in his real life . So Blanche in real life was …gay high school male teacher having an affair with a student….his trick is …cheap… It gives you ideas, …i wonder what we could do.


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