Bella Swan

Socionics: ESI-Fi
Enneagram: 9w8
Instinctual Stacking: Sp/Sx
Tritype: 964The Seeker


One thought on “Bella Swan

  1. she’s supposed to be an INFP (like the author) all that stuff about how awkward she is, but INFP are too awkward to be likable characters so they are always augmented to be super infps. Like Harry Potter is INFP but has to be heavily modified to fit into the hero category (because INFPs in reality are kind of the opposite of heroic). Hilarious is all the bad guys (i.e. James) in Twilight are ESTP and are written to be seriously evil and despisable, but the audience really likes them, like girls think they are cool, exactly opposite the intentions of the author.


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