3 thoughts on “Elon Musk

    1. Good question, and not easy to answer. It would be easier for me to answer with Socionics terminology. Basically, in Socionics, types can have a “subtype”, which means they either have a stronger grasp on their first or second function more than the average version of that type. Elon Musk is a case of an ENTJ with stronger Ni, hence he is the Ni subtype. This makes him seem like an INTJ at first. I also thought he could be INTJ, certainly. But I simply do not see him being Ni lead, at the end of the day. He is still very business focused, has had his hands in several different companies. INTJs rarely, if at all, do that. They are much more self-contained in their focus, and more concerned with trends and patterns and personal insights in and about the world. Compare Elon Musk to someone like Christopher Hitchens, who was also a Type 6, but an INTJ with stronger Te. They are similar, but still rather different.


      1. That’s a very interesting thing about socionics and can solve questions about someone’s MBTI type. Thank you for making me know about it, and I’ll have into great consideration this guess for Elon Musk.

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