2 thoughts on “Belle

  1. Belle’s instinctual stacking has So last, is that due to feeling like an outcast or would that make her more likely to favor So?

    Thank you. I am learning so much from your blog.


    1. Hi Kellie, glad to hear you appreciate my blog. 🙂

      SO last people often feel like outcasts, but that is not why I have typed her as SO last. Any stacking could feel like an outcast in certain situations.

      Belle’s SO last (and contraflow) nature is obvious in the sense that she disregards social norms and is to some extent “blind” to them. You can see that in the way she reads all day, or the fact she chooses the Beast over Gaston, and simply in the ways Belle does not fit into the social idea(l) of how a woman is supposed to be like in her village. If she was SO first, transgressing social norms and because of that being not part of the “herd” would bother her; but she simply doesn’t care, which is very Sp/Sx of her.

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