James Franco

Socionics: IEE-Fi
Enneagram: 6w7
Instinctual Stacking: Sx/So


• Signs of being Sx/So and contraflow: “breaking the mould” by painting pictures of his best friend Seth Rogen in the nude, posing half-nude on Instagram, his parody music video, etc

• 4D Fe is rather apparent. He uses it strategically in specific situations – by being charming or humorous, smiling widely – but it is also apparent he does not truly value it, and values Fi instead. Quote: “The individual appreciates situations where people are enjoying a positive emotional atmosphere as in having fun and joking together, and is quite adept at creating them himself, but does not see creating or promoting them a top priority, nor does he actively look for people who maintain or need such an atmosphere; too high a focus on that is seen by the individual as overdone.”

• Ne lead:  His creative process and the way he likes to acquire new, seemingly “random” skills point towards that. Quote: “The individual is skilled at generating intellectual interest and curiosity in others and using others’ curiosity to get them to do things.He easily sees parallels between different situations, areas of knowledge or skill, and people, and likes to establish contacts across different fields of knowledge and social groups, which allows him to be part of many things at once. He enjoys considering differing viewpoints and perspectives and seeing if they can be reconciled. He enjoys the beginning stages of just about anything – new projects, acquiring new skills, experiencing new people and relationships. Preparing for and launching something new is seen as having greater value than the process of experiencing what one already has and finishing what one has begun. The concept of “finishing” seems foreign to him. Instead of taking care to finish things and tie up all loose ends, he tends to drop things when he can’t handle them any longer or realize that he has neglected them for too long.”

• Naturally he does not fit that well into Hollywood culture, which is primarily Gamma SF (He is perceived to be “one of Hollywood’s weirdos”.) That is how I arrived at IEE-Fi. His Ne is not that obvious at first, because of the Fi subtype. Because his Ne was not as apparent, I used to wonder whether he is SEE.


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