Patrick Bateman

Socionics: LIE-Te
Enneagram: 3w2
Instinctual Stacking: So/Sp


• Commonly mistyped as SLE because of his preoccupation with his Se HA.

• I did think ESTP for a while like many others. However, his “crazy” psychotic side is like ESTP episodes – it is not his general nature though. To be fair, he could be a weird ENTJ-ESTP hybrid. When he murders and kills, his Se gets out of control. Other than that, he is quite self controlled. He is all about functionality, efficiency, “business logic” (Te in socionics). He is well versed in many different topics and prides himself in having a lot of knowledge about many different things. His Ni is not as clear to be fair, but it comes through in the way he uses metaphors. There is not really any strong signs of (regular) Ti use, which would make sense for Ti ignoring.

• Patrick is overly concerned with occupying a prestigious and well-respected position at his work place, which is rather So/Sp 3. Furthermore, he is obsessed with his (physical) image, also pointing at being SO 3. His lack of close intimate relationships and disregard of such is a sign of SX blindspot.

So/Sp 3: “The social instinct combines with the dominant Threeness and accentuates the desire for external validation. This Three derives validation from peer admiration due to high social rank. Of course, the actual sources of admiration (money, a large house, college degrees, flashy cars, etc.) will vary greatly depending on the individual life circumstances. However, the goal will always be on attaining an enviable status in the eyes of others, which necessitates a degree of conformity to the norms of the individual’s culture. For example, a social/self-pres Three born in American society will likely strive to epitomize the “American dreamby embodying all the qualities most Americans currently associate with perfection. These Threes will work tirelessly to find an attractive mate, attain a beautiful home, drive a high status car, and, of course, possess a physically appealing appearance. The bottom line is, unless the social Three perceives their status as being “exceptional” compared to their peers, they feel utterly valueless; there is no middle ground. This stems from the Three’s fear that they are inherently empty and must continuously prove their worth by receiving validation. The social Three thus focuses their energy on the arena of social status.

• Patrick depicts the unhealthiest Level of Type 3 perfectly (quoting from Personality Types: Using the Enneagram for Self-Discovery): “In addition to crimes like assault, arson, and sabotage, psychopathic Threes are entirely capable or murder. They are capable of killing a human being with as little remorse as normal people have in killing a fly. Their psychopathic behaviour may seem unmotivated because of the randomness of their violence, as in the case of a sniper shooting at people on a street below. But from the psychopath’s point of view, the crime is motivated by the constant need to regain superiority by destroying others. It is also worth nothing that male psychopath’s victims are frequently women, and since Threes often identified with their mothers, this fits the pattern. To arrive at Level 9, it is extremely likely that Threes experienced incredible abuse as children. Nothing they could do or be could win the affection or positive regard of their nurturing-figure. But since Threes depend upon gaining the affirmation of their nurturing-figure, and since a small child cannot consciously hate their parent and survive psychologically, their rage is displaced onto substitute figures who somehow remind the psychopath of their original torments. Rape, torture, and sexual mutilation are frequent outcomes.”

3 thoughts on “Patrick Bateman

    1. Good question. He is very mainstream, and has a Type 2-like interest in humanity, albeit that is rather fake to an extent and mainly for show (which is unhealthy 3w2). He is very artificial and superficial, his entire persona lacks any desire to be unique or distinguish himself from others – rather, he is scared of “not fitting in”. The only clue that he might be 4 wing is his interest in serial killer Ted Bundy (though that is just a reference) and his breakdown around the end of the movie. I can see how someone could type him as 4 wing. I’ll think more about it.


      1. He has a lot of envy and he does express the need to find his origin. 3w4’s practically don’t have to be unique, I think a lot of these really unique 3w4s are actually 4w3 men in denial. He even hates a lot of his fellow 3s because he considers them simple.


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