Chris Crocker

TVT: Aesthete

Socionics: ESI
Enneagram: 9w8
Instinctual Stacking: Sx/Sp
Tritype: 963, The Mediator


Typed as INFJ based on taking online tests only. Commonly Type 9 people mistype themselves as being Fe ego, due to the nature of the Type 9.

David Daniels: “[I]ts original state, what we could call its visceral state of unconditional love and union, the unity of all, and the oneness of all – that is all there is. It’s unconditional love. (…) But it goes into the background in the world which you perceive. (…) All (…) you perceive makes you unimportant or has you blend in into the world, and to fit in with others. There is a temperament that went with what which was called adaptability (…). These were little children which were just going along with what was being claimed upon by the environment. (…) The process of attention naturally goes out to others and to all the things in the environment, all those things that make claims upon you (…) – you blend harmoniously into it.”

• Being an Fi lead, Chris has long struggled between “being true to himself and authentic” and the claims his environment made upon him, in the sense of not sticking out and fitting in (as a gay man). Fi and E9 are in in a conflict here, in some way. At the end, he is open about his sexuality and gender expression, and defending such, pointing towards an Fi focus of wanting and “teaching” others to be authentic.

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