Owen Cook

Socionics: ILE-Ti
Enneagram: 7w6
Instinctual Stacking: Sx/Sp
Tritype: 738, The Mover & Shaker


4 thoughts on “Owen Cook

  1. Hi,

    I’m interested to know how you concluded Owen Cook is an ENTP. The reason is because he frequently labels himself as an intense introvert, and credits practicing pick-up artistry for his ability to engage people and thrive socially.

    Before finding your site, I had him as most likely being INTP.

    Thanks –


    1. He fits the functional profile of ENTP. Ne lead, with tertiary/mobilizing Fe. He does use Ti systems “creatively”. Compare him to other INTPs, who use those aspects differently, and have quite a different energy and “emotional range”.

      Guys like Owen often times identify themselves as being introverts. That is mostly because they have an introverted subtype and/or are “Social blindspot” – in the latter case especially, they confuse sociability for extroversion. I have written more about the subject here.


  2. He’s an ENTJ lol. He constantly talks about Te methods of attracting the opposite sex, talks a lot (and brags) about his own wealth (ENTJ hidden agenda – to be wealthy) an in general he is way too ‘serious’ to be an ENTP. He can use Fe because it’s his role function, but it comes off as forced and clunky. ENTP’s are more warm than Owen Cook is. Oh plus the whole clubbing/ picking up women is a very Se type of thing. ENTP’s with their inferior Si don’t care about sex as much as most people do.


    1. He “tries” to be more like an ENTJ to attract women. In California, tons of ESFP women there. SX first individuals will try to be attractive for potential romantic partners no matter what. Sx/Sp individuals often emphasize their strength in the SP area, like money or physical fitness, in order to attract a mate.

      He is actually obsessed with being “healthy” (Si valuing/Seeking), there is a video where he shows a full bag of vitamin pills he carries with him everyday. He takes probably like 20 pills a day when he is on the road.

      He is focused on holistic and spiritual teaching in an Ne roundabout way, picking up ideas and concepts from all over, to guide him.

      He is uncharacteristically “goofy” for an ENTJ. He tries to entertain everybody. His Fe is not too strong, being Ti subtype, but he still values it. He is way too “try-hard” about “being loved”, Fe Hidden Agenda.

      It is true that the PUA scene is dominated by Se types; and that is why he sticks out like a sore thumb.

      Also, according to Gulenko, ENTps are “Childlike” in their Romance Style, which can overlap with “Aggressor”, both being “static” types. Childlikes and Aggressors are often certain about their interests in someone, and tend to be more of the pursuers. ENTjs can be quite passive in the romantic realm. They are usually the ones who GET dating advice, not who teach it. I bet that many of their clients are rich ENTjs who have troubles with dating.


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