2 thoughts on “Owen Cook

  1. Hi,

    I’m interested to know how you concluded Owen Cook is an ENTP. The reason is because he frequently labels himself as an intense introvert, and credits practicing pick-up artistry for his ability to engage people and thrive socially.

    Before finding your site, I had him as most likely being INTP.

    Thanks –


    1. He fits the functional profile of ENTP. Ne lead, with tertiary/mobilizing Fe. He does use Ti systems “creatively”. Compare him to other INTPs, who use those aspects differently, and have quite a different energy and “emotional range”.

      Guys like Owen often times identify themselves as being introverts. That is mostly because they have an introverted subtype and/or are “Social blindspot” – in the latter case especially, they confuse sociability for extroversion. I have written more about the subject here.


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