2 thoughts on “Johnny Depp

    1. Johnny Depp has played a lot of Type 4 roles in his career – typically almost always whenever he was collaborating with Tim Burton. Add to that the fact he has a strong 4 fix, it would be just natural to assume he is a 4… The Sp/Sx stacking is also somewhat “odd” in a sense, non-conformist…

      But he actually has the presence, bearing, and attitude of a 9w8 rather.

      He’s not self-referencing like a 4; he is rather easygoing.

      But most importantly, his main issues seem to revolve around anger. There was an instance of him demolishing a hotel room because of his explosive anger. A similar pattern of a “bad temper” applies to Russell Crowe, a fellow 9w8. That kind of behaviour screams unhealthy Gut type, 9w8 in particular.


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