Humbert Humbert

Socionics: IEI
Instinctual Stacking: Sx/Sp


One thought on “Humbert Humbert

  1. cuz of your ‘dream’ video , I downloaded it off piratebay (cringe). (with sound on …i was frightened, with sound off…i luv u 🙂 )

    In America Lolita is considered immoral. I think its just the usual, Nabokov is talking about himself in semi-disguised form. And then the tone (darkness) is the same ring as the Delta quadra authors like R.R. Martin in Game of Thrones. Delta Quadra internals are Game of Thrones, all darkness and violence. So it’s an INFP talking about his internals which to an INFP is a distorted/evil INFJ.


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