Amal Clooney

Socionics: SLI-Te
Enneagram: 1w2
Instinctual Stacking: So/Sp

• She is most likely at the Healthy Level 3 for Ones (quoting from Personality Types: Using the Enneagram for Self-Discovery): “Having a conscience enables healthy Ones to lead outstandingly moral and useful lives because they not only want to be right, the want to do what is right. They want to put objective values into practice and to be unswayed by their passions, so that, as much as is humanly possible, they can do what is objectively right. (…) Thus, healthy Ones are extremely concerned that others be treated fairly. They hate injustice wherever they find it, whether it is their friends, total strangers, or they themselves who are harmed by injustice. Healthy Ones are on fire for justice and righteousness – these are not arid principles, they are their passions. More than those of any other personality type, healthy Ones willingly put themselves on the line for their moral beliefs and would rather suffer injustice themselves than act unjustly toward anyone else.”

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