Russell Crowe

Socionics: SLI
Enneagram: 9w8
Instinctual Stacking: So/Sp
Tritype: 936, The Mediator


This video shows the differences between SLI and SEI (in interaction); especially Russell Crowe’s Fe PoLR becomes apparent here, in how he does not readily join in with Jimmy Fallon’s Fe attempts at creating a positive emotional atmosphere.

• Russell Crowe has an outwardly peaceful, relaxed and accepting demeanor, as it would be produced by someone who is both Si lead and Type 9. His repressed anger issues come through in particular situations; with his 8 wing, it can make him “erupt” and lash out in certain ways. His past offenses are examples of such. (“In June 2005, Crowe was arrested and charged with Second-Degree Assault by New York City police after he threw a telephone at the concierge of the Mercer Hotel who refused to help him place a call when the system did not work from his room; he was charged with Fourth-Degree Criminal Possession of a Weapon (the telephone).”) 

• Russell Crowe enjoys actively employing social media and connecting with his fans, which is rather unusual for an SLI with Fe PoLR to do so; him being Type 9 with a Social instinct first overrides this kind of apprehension of SLI. Besides that, he regularly talks about friends in interviews, implying a special focus on that area.

• Russell Crowe is concerned with his health and SP matters; he likes posting pictures appealing to a Type 9 with a Self-preservation instinct, such as images of him with a nice drink, or videos/thoughts on him exercising. (“They seek a sense of well-being through comfort: familiar routines, “comfort foods,” and a supportive, uncomplicated environment are all highly valued. (…)”)

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