3 thoughts on “Keanu Reeves

  1. I’ve seen him typed as a 9 or a 5, either way he doesn’t seem 6 to me at all?

    I don’t see any of the allegiance in others or associations, nor any of the anxiety typically displayed. He doesn’t seem to do any of the joking I would expect either
    He is supposedly quite the recluse, and stays away from the public view. I would have guessed 9, more so by his withdrawn nature

    Interviews on casting set, say he keeps to himself mainly and quite withdrawn. I’m thinking 9 based on how affable he can be, doesn’t seem indifferent like a 5 or have any of the weird physical quirks


    1. Assuming you mean MBTI: He seems to prefer Introverted Intuition and have it at a tertiary level. His know-how with physical and logical realities is apparent in his proficiency with action sequences/stunts, and motorcycles. those are stereotypical strengths of ISTP > ISTJ. ISTP because of the Ni focus. In Socionics, it coincides with a occupation to develop one’s personal vision and belief in something. Also, Keanu seems to favor an emotionally upbeat atmosphere, more typical of preferring Extroverted Feeling. Though I could see how it can be mistaken for Ne.


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