Illusive Man

Socionics: ILI-Te
Enneagram: 1w2
Instinctual Stacking: So/Sp
Tritype: 154, The Researcher


• He is most likely at the Average Health Level 4 of Type 1 in Mass Effect 2 (quoting from Personality Types: Using the Enneagram for Self-Discovery): “They want to make everything better. They become idealists, reformers, and crusaders, people with a cause, exhorting themselves and others toward perpetual improvement. The difference between healthy Ones and average Ones is that average Ones become convinced that they alone have the answer for everyone. They alone can “fix up” the disorder they see around them. Personal conscience has intensified into a feeling of obligation to strive after the ideal in everything. Thus, average Ones begin to relate to the world from a position of moral superiority, as if they were saying, “I know the way things ought to be, so you should listen to me.” They begin to experience others as less organized and directed than themselves and feel a sense of noblesse oblige by virtue of the loftiness of their ideals. What average Ones personally define as the ideal becomes the norm for everyone else. They are convinced that they know the way everything ought to be. The weight of moral “should” and “oughts” makes itself felt: not only should Ones do or not do this or that, but so should everyone else. They feel it is up to them to right wrongs, to educate the unlettered, to guide the aimless, and to instruct others in the “correct” view. […] And because they truly believe that their position is correct, they have an enormous amount of self-confidence, taking on the world like sculptors eager to get their hands on a shapeless mass of clay. Of course, therein lies the beginning of their real difficulties – and the difficulties of others with them. The world, and particularly other people, are not lumps to clay to be molded according to their re-forming impulses. Reality already has its own shape, although average Ones want to give it another.”


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