Marlon Brando

Socionics: SEE-Se
Enneagram: 6w7 (Counterphobic)
Instinctual Stacking: Sx/So
Tritype: 683, The Justice Fighter


• His breadth of interests sounds a lot like Te Hidden Agenda: to know: “Though Marlon loved to talk, and could hold forth for many hours on a dazzling variety of subjects — bioaquanautics, tropical sex practices, Indians, Eskimos, Buddhist philosophy, the ten deadliest animals in the world, Japanese erotica, the social life of apes, the Black Panther Party, poisons of the Amazon — he loathed talking for publication.”

• Sounds a lot like an SEE who is into ILI girls (or similar): “Marlon had an insatiable curiosity about people. What made them tick? What did they think about the world and other people, what were their feelings, observations, needs? At any gathering Marlon would usually gravitate to the quietest, and what to the unpracticed eye appeared the dullest, person in the room, and engage that person in animated and spirited conversation for hours. He was a master at making the shrinking violet bloom and the wallflower leave the wall. His interest was genuine. He really was interested in that pimpled, bespectacled young woman whose manner bespoke the library rather than the boudoir. He would draw her out slowly, painstakingly, with questions asked with intelligence and such obvious concern that the girl would flower before our eyes …”

• His Fi comes more through in this interview. Especially the bit about how Marlon could tell quite accurately who the TV show host seemed to like and dislike is rather an Fi strength.

• What a great article… It shows several aspects of his personality pretty well. The first paragraphs illustrate his obsession with his SX instinct, and his Aggressor Style tendencies. Following that, the mentioning of his thirst for knowledge is a good representation of his Te Hidden Agenda: to know.

• Generally mistyped as Type 8, Marlon is actually a Counterphobic Type 6 (6w7). Personally, I used to mistype him as 7w8. However, Listen To Me Marlon showed me how much he used to hide his fears and anxieties. He would create self-hypnosis audio tapes with the goal of calming him down and getting rid of fears. All in all, Marlon approached us all with the SX 6 mask of Beauty/Strength, coupled with the w7 thirst for adventure, and the 8 in his tritype associated with anger and lust. Reading Tom Condon‘s description of the “Intimate 6” finally made me certain in my typing of Marlon as SX 6w7 opposed to 8 or 7.

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