11 thoughts on “Teal Scott/Swan

  1. sorry, you were right about things I didn’t understand at the time

    maybe you could save the earth or something by typing that Loony Deliria (Black Angel) youtuber. She is driving people crazy because she thinks she is every type.

    Bya and you are still one of my favoritest people

    (and im startled Teal Swan is INFJ cuz all the boys around her are Te ussers, i saw a clip of her current boy, I guess he is INFP, I saw the indian guru swamiji? he is INFJ and most of his followers are Delta quadra , ISTJ and INFP, so maybe it makes sense somehow)

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    1. Hey, nice to hear I am one of your fav people. ^_^’

      I’ve just officially typed her on this blog here.

      In short, I think she is actually an ENFP. The fact she is Type 4 and Sx/So probably makes her feel like she is INFJ (IEI). A lot of IEI descriptions are very Type 4 heavy so to speak, and the Beta Quadra descriptions can be very Sx/So heavy. It is true that 4s can be IEI, and that the most famous and influential Betas have been Sx/So (namely Hitler), but that doesn’t mean that the reverse is true; that IEI is 4 at their core, or that Beta is Sx/So at their core. Those are misunderstandings, imo.


  2. is she INTP? because she could be, all those Te , ISTJ boys around her would be her Beneficiary. And then I saw here first husband a heavy Te user , INFJ would poison him :).

    i think no one has experience with INTP female because… so rare

    (thanks , when I talk with you, i make rapid progress, no talk and i get stuck. I figured out a million mistypes, Alexandra who said she was INTJ is actually INFP. Sorry, for that whole thing,… INFPs confuse me.)


  3. I figured out that Parvati (on Survivor reality TV show) is ENFP and somehow that hints that Teal is ENFP too…
    (ENFPs act wild around INFJs, they get all ‘black eyed trance’. We somehow pull them into Ni-land.)
    as a joke, can you type Jesus?, he’s VIP haha


  4. its important to get a sense of who she is because all the controversy around her. My current best guess is ENTP, she does everything right, her concepts are good. (… I put in ‘geometric design clothing’ into google and her cloths are so much better than the average.) And the bad part, is ENTPs love fame, they will lie to get what they want, and can be manipulative. Maybe its naive of me, but I think …she has a good heart. (also a look at her audience is disturbing, delta quadra is an us vs them quadra, they are always the good guys, they always have an enemy. If you look at the indian gurus all their audience is delta quadra, and they must be in hell it’s so distorted)


  5. also, If she is ENFJ the Stellar Maze guy is ENFJ as well. He hinted it in a comment so, its not my insight or whatever. ENFJs are more suggestible than INFJ so they can be pushed around by the audience (INFJ can easily be pushed around by an audience as well). His forum participant ‘Erika’ is one of those ENFPs who pretends to be ENFJ, so..we know what is going to happen. He’s gonna be all distorted. He has the right idea, MBTI is supposed to be fun. But its not fun that everyone is mistyped.


  6. It’s rude to guess, but I bet her parents are mother:ESTJ father:ISTJ And then if you use that idea that ‘sons marry their mothers, daughters marry their fathers’, It’s harsh drama.


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