6 thoughts on “Emma Stone

  1. I like her soo much, I’m claiming her for us…ENFJ/INFJ.

    we get freaking anxious around ISTJ/ESTJ , and…with good reason, they are not picking up on or sending non-verbal communication channels we have and …subconsciously …expect.


  2. Ah…watching interviews with her I have such a hard time seeing Sx-last! Of course celebrities are tricky to type accurately, but she doesn’t give off the same coolness/reserve I see with So/Sp, and I’ve known quite a few personally. They’re hard to reach with their personal thoughts, whereas she’s super straight forward. Not sure I could nail down her stacking myself, but So/Sp seems off.

    Can I ask what makes you lean towards So/Sp? I always get excited for your typings, by the way!

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    1. Good question. Back when I typed her, I found that she tends to avoid any romantic or sexual topics/jokes in interviews. Her exuberant personality seemed rather a case of her being ExFx, rather than actually being Sx first or second. She didn’t seem to have much of a focus on romantic relationships herself, but that can be hard to tell. In the Graham Norton interview with Jamie Fox, she seemed shocked by the sexual innuendo, but it is possibly part of her public persona. Also, her intense anxiety and panic issues in her youth and her lack of rebelliousness point at the likelihood she is lacking Sx, because typically, Sx plus 6 influence results in a more rebellious and less clearly phobic stance and attitude, but there might be some exceptions. I’ll look more into it. I might have to hold off from typing her stacking when it is not clear enough.

      Nice to hear you enjoy my typings. 🙂


      1. I definitely enjoy them, it’s fun, and thanks for replying 🙂 Okay, warning, long comment ahead!

        One of the interviews I saw was “Actors on Actors” with Timothée Chalamet. It’s longer and more intimate than her talk show interviews. Call me crazy…but…I actually think from this interview she could be Sx/So. So/Sp tend to have difficulty emotionally attuning to the other (even if they’re NF temperament…I’m thinking Ellen DeGeneres as I type this, another ExFx). They pay attention to you and stay engaged, but it’s like they don’t really “clue in” to you. In the Chalamet interview I see Emma doing a pretty good job of tracking with him emotionally, and more importantly, she seems to really want to dig beneath the surface and get “up close and personal.” There are a lot of “I” statements, lots of drawing the other person out, even if issues like sexuality and romance aren’t touched on.

        So/Sps are pretty filtered in my experience, regardless of MBTI type. I think they feel too exposed sharing their personal journey in a public setting, or they don’t even think to do it. They may share their awards/accolades, favorite drink, their agenda for the day, etc., and have clear likes and dislikes, but they steer clear of volunteering how they feel about things unless directly asked.

        The hesitance to laugh at or make a sexual joke could be attributed to upbringing/the image she wants to present/sense of humor, etc., but not necessarily an indicator of whether Sx is present. I’m Sx-first and I think I would have had a similar response to such a joke. But that’s due to my upbringing, my introversion, and being a type One who is often focused on appropriateness. Deep down I wouldn’t have been shocked, but could see myself feeling offended if it crossed a personal value.

        All that to say, I could be wrong. I’ve just known so many So/Sps (like a ridiculous number, introverts and extraverts alike) and I don’t get that vibe from her. So take my “vibes” for what you will, haha 🙂

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      2. You raised some very good points there! I haven’t seen that particular interview myself, I might have a look at it later. But I definitely agree with you that So/Sp tend to have a certain detached air about them, they can come across as surface-level in their interactions with others, they aren’t as personable. (Someone like Gwyneth Paltrow comes to mind, though she is also a Type 9 imo, which increases the level of detachment, being withdrawn.) And I could see that Emma is more personable than that.

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