Robert Downey Jr.

Socionics: IEE-Fi
Enneagram: 7w6
Instinctual Stacking: Sx/Sp
Tritype: 738, The Mover & Shaker


• Here you can see his profound Ne. 😉

• He’s rather NF than NT. His focus is on people and communicating (aka Humanitarian), he said in an interview. His Ti seems rather poorly developed. Being E-7 would give him a more “Thinker appearance” naturally.

• “I am a pretty simple person really at the end of the day, so the more I can keep up the mystery about what a chameleon I am, the better.” He seems pretty Delta.

• Sx/Sp, Social blindspot moment.

Sx/Sp, again.

• There is this pattern of ENFP Type 7s getting mistyped as ENTP. It’s easy to do, given ENFP and ENTP Type 7s can seem very similar on the surface. However, the matter is: ENFPs do have an air of “seriousness” about them, due to their Fi-Te. ENTPs lack this, because of their Fe-Ti. Their aura is much more childlike; no matter how much they will use their Ti, they will not lose that light touch in their interaction. They are ultimately childlike and have no seriousness about them. Differently the ENFP. There is a “heavier” energy about them, you could say. They are more pragmatic and down-to-earth in certain ways, because of their Te. I find Robert Downey Jr. belongs to the latter category. He may use witty irony and remarks, and occasionally use humour, but it is still all rather under a serious tone. He is “cool” (Fi). You take him seriously, even when he is making a ridiculous remark. The same does not apply to ENTPs. If you regard ENTPs as “cool”, it has more something to do with how “off-beat” they are (Ne-Ti), not because they actually have a certain pragmatism (Te) about their nature.


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