Lana Del Rey

Socionics: ESI-Fi
Enneagram: 4w3
Instinctual Stacking: Sp/Sx
Tritype: 496The Seeker


6 thoughts on “Lana Del Rey

  1. Hi, I’m curious about the reasoning behind some of your typing – where the information stems from and what your reasoning behind each typing is, especially because so many websites give so many different evaluations. I’d been been pondering a lot on Lana’s instinctual variants, wondering whether she were SX or SP first, and so could understand your typing of her; still, it’d be great to hear your personal reasoning behind it. Similarly, what is it that differentiates Adam Lambert from a 7w6, and why do so many people – perhaps mistakenly – type Angelina Jolie as a 4, rather than a 6?


    1. Hi walktwomoons. 🙂 Lana’s songs are all about love, romance, intimate partnership – its drawbacks, its highs, its lows, etc etc. All of that is very SX.

      Adam Lambert his expression and fixations are very Type 4 and 3 (Sx). In the sense he tries to be unique, and similar. Just his style screams of “dark, mysterious, and unique”, which is stereotypically Type 4.

      The Social 4 is your stereotypically shameful 4, who often is woeful and burdened with shame. Sp/Sx 4, much less so.

      At last, I used to believe myself Angelina Jolie was a Type 4, but eventually I realized she must be a Counterphobic 6. She harbors a lot of aggression, which could also apply to Sx 4, but differently than a 4 she is not as concerned with being unique, but rather fearless and strong, going against others. She has Type 4 tendencies for sure (part of her tritype), but her counter phobic nature is dominant. Add to that the typical attachment to “Strength/Beauty” of SX 6. She has often embodied roles which amplify those parts about herself, one of them being Lara Croft.


  2. Hi Myla,

    Thanks for your reply. See, the reason I asked about Lana is because her songs were a bit of a revelation for me – for the first time in my life, I could connect with what someone was singing about, not just musically but lyrically. I have read descriptions of both SX and SP and I fit both. I also display both, though more than not type as SX first. Unlike Lana, however, I would never sing or write about SX-first fixations, about being “your national anthem” and loving someone “more than those bitches before.” I do write and compose songs, and they often describe a state of mind, an atmosphere. No matter how I feel about myself, I could never have the guts to assume I have a right to splay out my opinion of myself like that, and that people would agree I were fucking awesome. I basically just assume I should keep these feelings to myself.

    My point being, what drives the artistic material? We type people based on what we see on the surface, but could it be that it is our secondary instinct that drives our subconscious, rather than our primary? In this case, one could assume that Lana were SP/SX. I read somewhere that we often first take care of our secondary instinct, and only when that is in place are we able to bring out our primary. That would mean for me, assuming I were SX/SP, that I couldn’t even begin to socialize with a person unless the atmosphere were right. (I can vouch for this being the case for me, I cant describe to you how many times bad lighting/mediocre food/cold pvc flooring has gotten in the way of me being able to comfortably start being sociable with a dinner partner)

    I would really, really love to hear your thoughts on this, and thank you for discussing this with me, it means a lot.



    1. I would say we are only truly relaxed and mostly happy when the first instinct is fulfilled. Once that one is set in place, we will move on to our second instinct.

      However, life does not always run that smoothly or how we would like it to run. When our first instinct cannot be “satisfied” for some reason, we will go to our second instinct. If that does not help either, we will actually depend on our last instinct: “Concerns of the ‘blindspot’ instinct counterweight those of dominant one. When one is feeling anxious, depressed, or frustrated due to inability to satisfy the needs of the primary instinct, temporarily devoting one’s attention and efforts to the third instinct may alleviate anxiety and compulsive behaviors prompted by fixation on the primary instinct.”

      Our second instinct often comes out in more superficial encounters, or when you are testing the waters with someone. Many celebrities will sometimes talk about things related to their second instinct in interviews, for instance. You see that a lot with Sx/Sp and So/Sp celebs – they will be asked some personal questions, and those celebrities usually answer by talking about their dieting and fitness program, or that they like to cook, or whatever. Especially Sx/Sp feels tempted to do this, because Sx can be seen as “inappropriate” in certain contexts.

      ” In situations where people are not sure that their primary instinct will be welcomed, they often extend and offer ‘products’ of their secondary instinct by conversing on related topics. Sx/sp and so/sp types may talk about health, monetary, domestic, or culinary topics. Sp/sx and so/sx—about their family, friendships, personal experiences and preferences. Sx/so and sp/so—about cultural, social, and political events.”

      Read more here:


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