Jimmy Fallon

Socionics: SEI-Fe
Enneagram: 9w1
Instinctual Stacking: So/Sx
Tritype: 926, The Good Samaritan


• I find this video shows the difference between someone Se or Si valuing. Kevin Hart looks Se valuing – he really gets into the slapping. Jimmy is more sloppy and less enthusiastic about it. He seems apologetic about the whole slapping thing. Kevin (who seems SEE): “You should have smacked me hard.” Jimmy Fallon: “No no, I cannot do that.” -> Si.


One thought on “Jimmy Fallon

  1. As a female INTP/LII 5w4 sx/sp and reallyreally liking him a lot (I got 9 in my tritype as well) I appreciate your evaluation, just watching him feels quite activating, he’s such a genuine kind mood lifter, drawing you out & in *crave* :o)

    You have to love him fool around with Dwayne Johnson (SEI or ESE?) – the 2 together are like best of JF…

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