Bill Gates

Socionics: LIE
Enneagram: 6w5
Instinctual Stacking: So/Sp
Tritype: 613, The Taskmaster


• My first impression made me think LII, but after more investigation, LIE seems more fitting. I’ll just quote aspects that made me think so in the following:

• “Through technological innovation, keen business strategy and aggressive business tactics, he built the world’s largest software business, Microsoft.” Strong Te, Te valuing and Se valuing are best for business strategy and tactics. Ti-Ne, not as much.

• Description of LIE: “You study problems in dynamics, for you the practical outcome of the task is of greater importance than its logical perfection. Optimism, business mood, developing procedures, weighed risk, leadership.” Such valuing is found in this interview.

• MBTI: According to the INTP profile, if he was INTP he would have to be a “Perceiver”. Let’s look at this: he would plan a date two weeks in advance, Melinda saying about that: “You’re not spontaneous enough.” That is something a “Perceiver” would not have to hear.

• He would count as a “Judger” in MBTI, because he is a great planner. He had specific goals he would work towards, such as “Everyone having a computer on their desk in so-and-so years.”, “We’re optimistic we’ll get it done in the next 5 years.” All of this is rather Ni (future-planning).

• The stereotype of the “computer nerd who magically turns out to become rich” sounds pretty INTP, but if you study Bill Gates more closely as a person, you come to realize there was actually a method, a Te method, to his entrepreneurship.

• “Well, I hope I still have quite a bit of time for the focus which I have now, which is the philanthropic work.” Sounds like an ENTJ who has moved to develop his Fi.

• Conclusion: He is LIE. Apart from the points I have mentioned (that point towards Te valuing), his use of Fe struck me as untypical for ILI and also, it is an aspect that makes one suspect LII at first. But, LIE has a “business-Fe” going on, which can be even deceivingly friendly. Fe being ILI’s vulnerable function, they won’t engage in Fe with such ease as Bill Gates does.

• Consequently, it would make sense if Bill Gates was also a predominant Judging type in MBTI, given that both LIE and ENTJ are Judgers (first) in both systems.

• “Bill showed early signs of competitiveness when he coordinated family athletic games at their summer house on Puget Sound.” Sounds more ENTJ than INTJ.


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