Keith & Kevin Hodge

Socionics: SLE-Se
Enneagram: 8w7
Instinctual Stacking: Sx/Sp
Tritype: 863, The Justice Fighter


Aggressor Romance Style advice (NSFW).


2 thoughts on “Keith & Kevin Hodge

    1. Sure, not all twins have the same types. Bill and Tom Kaulitz are good examples of twins who have different Enneagram types (Bill is 4w3, Tom is 6w7).

      But in the case of the Hodge Twins, I do think they are the same Enneagram types.

      I think you mean Kevin who could seem So/Sx 7. To me, he seems to be the mentally healthier twin, which can make his Enneagram type seem to be different. Keith is more neurotic and reactive, at a lower health level of 8. The interesting thing is, that Kevin is the taller and older twin, and it seems like this has had an effect on Keith’s psychology/self esteem.


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