Ian Curtis

Socionics: EII-Fi
Enneagram: 4w5
Instinctual Stacking: Sp/Sx


• Sp/Sx 4: “These Fours are much more tortured by their difficulty with respect to maintaining close relationships. The self-preservational instinct tends to be in conflict with the sexual instinct, causing this subtype to habitually analyze their relationships to the point where they find it difficult to be present to them.”


4 thoughts on “Ian Curtis

  1. He was actually a so/sx. The sp/sx impression comes from his music. Both his band-mates Peter Hook and his wife say he was very good at moving between different groups of people, yet both describe him as ”shy and quiet” and ”taciturn” which suggest so/sx introvert. He was described as both sociable and withdrawn at the same time, friendly but closed off.


    1. Fair enough. However, there’s a difference between being “sociable” and actually being SO first.

      For example, there are Sx/Sp extroverts who are very sociable or even “social butterflies”, but SO blindspot. Recently, I heard one of them say, an ESFP (I am paraphrasing): “I use social media, but I don’t really care about it. My Facebook feed is disabled. I don’t even like Instagram and Snapchat that much. I don’t scroll much. But I use it [social media] for communication. Most women use it, so that’s why I use it [to communicate with them].” He uses social media more than I do – primarily to get his SX needs met of connecting with women or specific people.

      Based on Ian’s music and carelessness when it comes to relating to people in a social instinct sense, and the fact that one can be “sociable” without being SO first or second, I am inclined to believe he is Sp/Sx. However, I find your view valid, and might have a second look at his lifestyle and values to really make sure.


  2. Could you type Sean Harris (actor)? He played Ian Curtis on 24 Hour Party People. I think he’s a very interesting character. There’s a couple of interviews on youtube and a speech on his BAFTA win.


  3. I’m terrified by his story, A lot of their (INFP) grace comes from the 6th function Ni and they suppress and oppress it with their conscious functions. So as Ni dom like INTJ or INFJ if you say a word they are energized, because their Ni feels seen and heard. But their conscious functions are disturbed and might even hate you. (I got a hint picture of their Ni as the grime encrusted little man in the hold of the oil tanker ship in the Waterworld movie.) It (their Ni) feels terrible and its gonna drag its feet, and cause problems,…eating disorder! A word from INTJ/INFJ …and all is well… for a week.

    And then, I realize Jesus is INFP and I’m WTF!


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