Angelina Jolie

Socionics: ESI-Se
Enneagram: 6w7
Instinctual Stacking: Sx/So
Tritype: 648, The Truth Teller


• Most people type her as ESTP. Likely because of her Enneagram type and stronger Se subtype, making her seem more ST. However, all her activism comes from a very personal place – Introverted Feeling.

• Sx/So (and Se subtype) makes for a more “out there” and intense (=seemingly more “extroverted”) personality, strengthening the need for activism, especially when combined with dominant Fi.

• Her carrying a vial with her boyfriend’s blood in the past… if that does not indicate Type 4 in her tritype…

Clip: “It’s an epic about the human spirit.” (Ni valuing), “Great man (Brad Pitt) […], the way he treats me and the values he holds (…).” (Fi valuing), “And what I felt I understood about men, what I love about men” (Fi expression).

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